Wednesday, February 4, 2009

18 Months...How Can It Be?

As I dropped Josh off in nusery for the first time, part of me cheered because I could actually listen again, and the other part of me was so sad that my "baby" is now 18 months old! How can it be?! I swear to you he was just barely a brand new baby in my arms. I know all of you mothers out there know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. It just passes way too fast. I can honestly say that I have loved every day and every minute. Maybe when I have more kids it will get more difficult, but so far it has been perfect. I wake up every day and wonder what I did to deserve something so wonderful in my life. I feel almost guilty getting to stay home with Josh everyday while Boyd has to go to work. It has been the greatest 18 months of my life. I haven't been too good about keeping up with Josh's journal lately so I want to go ahead and record some of the things he's been doing lately so I will remember. I know this probably will be boring to anyone but me and everyone who knows me knows how long-winded I can be...but I'm going to do it anyway... :)

* He loves playing hide and seek and running behind the couch and having you jump up and scare him and say "BOO!" He will laugh and laugh and can play it for hours.

* For a couple of months now he's really been repeating what I say and comes up with new words every day. The other day I did something and I said, "Shoot!" The next thing I knew I could hear Josh in the other room saying, "Shoot, shoot, shoot!" It's a good thing he's around me a lot more than his daddy or he might be saying something else... :) He's even starting to say a few small phrases occasionally("I want that", "What is it?", etc...) His favorite thing to say right now is "Uh Oh Mama" and "Oh No!". Every time I'm in the other room and he comes running in saying that I know I'm in trouble. He's even learning a few Spanish words... I always count in Spanish with him and the other day he was going down the slide and I called out, "Uno.." and he responded, "DOS... TRES!" while holding up his three little fingers. I guess even when you don't think they're listening, they are. :)

* Josh loves to read books. Sometimes I won't know where he is and I'll go in his room and he'll be sitting on the floor surrounded with several books turning each page and "reading" in his little gibberish. Every night he picks out several books for us to read, and sometimes he'll want me to read the same book over and over. What can I say? He's a boy after my own heart...

* Josh has such a sweet heart. I know some of you reading this will beg to differ if your kid is littler than him and have been blessed with one of Josh's "squeezes". He definitely can be a little too rough sometimes, especially when he gets excited. We often have to remind him to be soft. When I picked him up from nursery last week I asked how he did and they responded, "He did great, but we have a feeling he's going to be a linebacker someday..." However, Josh also has a very sweet side more often than not. Every time he hits he always gives a big hug right after because he knows he shouldn't have. He loves to give loves and to be hugged and kissed in return. He's very independent and not "cuddly", but will give a hug and kiss any time you ask. Sometimes he'll get frustrated and hit me and I'll say, "That wasn't nice Josh. We don't hit." He'll then start walking to his room and say, "Time out..". Even if I forget or don't say anything, he'll remind me that he is suppose to go to timeout. It's really funny because he cries and hates it while he's in timeout, but he reminds me just the same.

* He loves to say prayers and often is the one to remind us. The other night I was gone and Boyd was putting Josh to bed and he told him "Night, Night" and went to lay him down. Josh told Boyd, "No!" and he folded his arms to remind Boyd to say prayers. It is amazing the things a child can teach you...

* He absoluely LOVES music and dancing. The minute he hears music he begans to move. I have to admit, he's got some great dance moves... He will start moving his shoulders, bobbing his head, and swinging his hips. The funny thing is that he can do it right to the beat, and he'll do it in front of everyone. He's never shy. He loves to sing songs and hear Boyd play the guitar. Hopefully he got his Dad's musical talent...

* By far Josh's most favorite thing right now is balls. Right when he wakes up he heads straight in and picks up his balls and starts throwing them and putting them in his little hoop. I spend several hours a day playing hoop with Josh (too bad it hasn't improved MY game any... :) He goes around all day saying "Ball" and "Hoop". He never gets tired of it. Josh won't really watch tv or cartoons or anything, but if there's a game on then he'll stop what he's doing and check it out(even if only momentarily). He was cheering for the Cardinals right along with us during the Superbowl! :) Yesterday we were at the park and I turned around and Josh was gone. Next thing I knew I saw him over in the field right in the middle of some kids' flag football practice. He kept saying, "Football" and running toward the ball trying to make those big kids give it to him.

* Josh loves to be around people and generally even if he's missed a nap he can go and go without getting grouchy at all as long as there's something going on and people to play with. He loves his cousins, being outdoors, slides, balloons, shoes especially boots (yes, my son has a shoe fettish :), playing in the bathtub or any type of water, being a helper (he loves to "help" with EVERYTHING), and many many more things. He is so happy and just loves life and everything in it.

Well, those are some of the things happening with Josh. As I said before, he is the light of our lives. We love him and can't imagine life without him. Nothing has ever been better. We love you so much Josh!!

One of Josh's many head injuries

Josh's second hair cut by Aunt Sherri (we forgot the camera the first time)

McKelle made all this stuff from scratch! She is very talented!

Joshua in the backyard in SJ the day after Christmas enjoying his first snow (at least the first snow he can actually remember...) I was gone, but Kimberly said the first thing he did was run out and plant his face right in it and start licking. :)

New Year's Dance

Papa's Funeral

Papa's Funeral
Pall Bearers moving the casket

Nana and her grandkids. At the funeral they mentioned that Papa said, "If I die and get reincarnated, I hope to come back as one of Nana's Grandkids." :)

Josh will even wear Addi's snowboots :)