Wednesday, January 28, 2009

SJ Visit

A couple of weeks ago Holly and I took the boys and went home to visit Nana. It was such a great trip because no one else was home, not even my parents or Boyd's parents, so we literally got to spend the whole time over at Nana's house! The kids loved it. We played with Nana's toys, visited, went outside and had snowball fights (Nana's backyard still had a litte snow), made snow icecream, and even went on a ride around town with Mikayla, Holly, and the boys in the back, Nana in the front, and me driving. I think I got the best end of that deal not having to deal with keeping the boys contained... :) Needless to say they ate A LOT of candy while trying to keep them subdued... :) Nana showed us different places in town she had lived and then we went to Grovers and watched the sunset. It really was a great weekend and we were all sad we had to leave.


  1. Hey Guys! It's great to see you :) I love your blog!

  2. How sweet of you guys! I live a couple miles away and I don't get over there near enough!


McKelle made all this stuff from scratch! She is very talented!

Joshua in the backyard in SJ the day after Christmas enjoying his first snow (at least the first snow he can actually remember...) I was gone, but Kimberly said the first thing he did was run out and plant his face right in it and start licking. :)

New Year's Dance

Papa's Funeral

Papa's Funeral
Pall Bearers moving the casket

Nana and her grandkids. At the funeral they mentioned that Papa said, "If I die and get reincarnated, I hope to come back as one of Nana's Grandkids." :)

Josh will even wear Addi's snowboots :)